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2013.10.21 (Mon)

This is unbelievable! It looks so yummy♪

 「Cho! Oishikuhenkan」

Do you guys sometimes take photos of food you make? 

As for my, I usually don't

I took a photo of "nebukajiru" I made for the first recipe of "Oniheihankacho,"

which I hit upon an idea and just started.

The photo doesn't  look yummy even after I tried taking many times・・・

Well, you know, it was my first time to take a photo of food,

so thought I to myself, practice would tell everything in the end.

But I found an amazing site by chance!

You don't need to practice at all.

It makes whatever photos of food you make look delicious in a blink of an eye.

"Cho! Oishikuhenkan" is the name of the site 

I tried it with the photo of "nebukajiru."

Have a look at the photo before altering first.


             This photo is going to be・・・

・・・like this in a blink of an eye.
What different they are!

The "nebukajiru" looks shiny after altering compared with

the before one which looks dull.

A ragged bowl stands out as well, though

It's said that "It compensates for the texture of photos automatically

such as vividness, shade or brightness so that they can look more delicious"

by using corrective image engine called 'AcuuSmartTM.'

Of course you can use it for free and it doesn't bother you with register and so on.

You have only to upload your photo you want to alter.

It will be a tremendous help for me.

I'm going to lose no time in setting about the second recipe of "Oniheihankacho!"

It will be "Houtou" with pumpkin.

It'll be opened one of these days, so come again to see it.

FC2ブログではじめるこだわりブログ 第4版(FC2ブログ公式ガイド)FC2ブログではじめるこだわりブログ 第4版(FC2ブログ公式ガイド)


I heard the site "Cho! Oishikuhenkan" is introduced in this book.

I didn't even know there is the kind of book.

I might as well buy one.

poipoi410.png This illustration belongs to 「イラスト素材ブログ@ぱれっと/無料&商用フリー」.

   You can find different colors from this design 

         and some onther pretty arrow-shaped illustrations in the blog.

         Thank you so much, Horahoratan-sama. 



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2013.10.12 (Sat)

The greatest PAIN in my life

It is hot,isn't it? It's almost in the middle of October though. 

U has been also a little limp because of this heat from yesterday

By the way, have you ever heard of the name of a disease called urinary calculi?

It's a disease calculus occurs somewhere in the urinary tract

which is from the kidney, the ureter, the bladder to the urethra.

I contracted this disease just before the "Golden Week" this year.

It is super10000painful anyway
You wanna know how much painful it is? It's beyond your imagination

It's said that calculus, pancreatitis and chololithiasis are diseases

involving the big three accute pain, and calculus involves the biggest pain.

Calculus isn't an immediate vital disease but the morbidity is very high, as about 

1 out of 7 men and 1 out of 14 women contract this disease once in their lives.

But you don't have to worry too much 

because you can prevent this disease by your daily life customs. 

I'll write down the symptoms, the process and the preventive as much as I know.

Please make them reference not to go through the horrible pain. 

[Symptoms & Process]

It dpends on where in the urinary tract calculus occors,

but in my case, it occurred in my kidney.

So I'll write about a kidney stones.

  • I had a dull pain intermittently about for a week.
  • I had blood in my urine in the moring of that day.
  • I had an accute pain on the right side of the abdomen
    with feeling nauseous in the evening of that day.

So I was seen at an emergency hospital.
A calculus about 2㎜ in diameter was found in my kidney.

So It would be discharged with urine because it was still small enough for that.

I was told to drink water more than 2ℓ a day

After all, my calculus was gone when I took the second exam two month later.

I was attacked by the accute pain twice the same way I had been for the first time 

The pain was gone in about 30 minutes after taking a painkiller.

What bothered me was that I couldn't go out with ease 

becouse I never knew when the pain would attack me


Meal and exercise are fundamentals.

<Point of meal>

(1)Some food and drink that is better not to have too much
  • Meat
  • Spinach
  • Bamboo shoots
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Tea

The above food and drink contain lots of oxalic acid.

The oxalic acid can be prone to make caluclus.

So it's better to have them with calcium.

For example・・・

'coffee or tea with milk', 'spinach with boiled and dried young anchovies',
'bamboo shoots with dried bonito shavings'・・・something like that

By the way, I like spinach, chocolate and black coffee very much

and I used to have them almost every day

(2)Some food and drink that is better to have a lot
  • Fruits
  • Green and Yellow vegetables
  • Pulse
  • Sea weeds
  • Dairy products(It's better to have them with meal.)

(3)Finish your dinner at least 4 hours before you go to bed.

Something you had for dinner can be discharged into urine,

then the concentration of urine will be high.

It can be prone to make caluclus.

(4)Have water from 1500ml to 2000ml a day

Caluclus is easy to be made when the amount of urine is under 1500ml

and difficult to be made when it is over 2000ml.

However, of cource, try not to have too much coffee,

tea, carbonated drink, sweet drink and alchol.

<Point of exercise>

A vertical motion is effective such as rope skipping, walking somewhat quickly,

jogging and going up and down the stairs.

From the above, they are all basic things for the prevention of disease after all.

We need to eat regularly and do moderate exercise.

Caluclus is prone to recurrence and about a half out of people

who have contracted the disease have a relapse within 5 years.

I never ever wanna go through such awful pain again


kusuri35.png All the illustrations belong to 「イラスト素材ブログ@ぱれっと

  "Dr. Capsule" and "Stomachache Rabbit" are so good, aren't they

       Thank you for always, Horahoratan-sama

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2013.09.19 (Thu)

18th day!

It's a fine autumn day with a clear wind, isn't it?

Before I knew it, 18 days have past since I belatedly made blog debut

I'm so proud of myself.

I'm rather fond of writing orginally.

Although I was a little poor at Japanese in my school days,

I enjoyed reading and writing and so I was sort of good at

writing compositions or reading impressions essaies.

I've tried to keep a diary countless times.

I never go on writing though.

I don't think I can stick to nothing.

I rather carry out something once I make up my mind to do・・・not always.

I've actually succeded in dietting several times (Oops! several times・・・!).

I've succeded in quiting smoking twice (the third time will be surely done).

Well, so I'm rather strong-willed・・・I think.

I don't know why but I never go on writing a diary even 2 days somehow.

As a result, diaries which were written down only one page or brand-new ones

simply turned to memo pads

I believe that it's surely one of the reason that I write a poor hand.

And then, I installed a diary application as sson as I first got my smart phne.

"I don't have to write myself", I thought.

It was uninstalled before it's used even only once

Of course I knew that there was the blog in this world.

I was resistant to beeing looked at what I write by somebdody…

On the contrary, I had never tried a blog. 

However, because I've got plenty of extra time because I quite my job.

So I suddenly took it into my head to try and start my blog.

I found it much more pleasnt than I expected

I think of next ariticle as soon as I finish writing one.

Did you guys have a similar experience to me at first?

Then I think it over how come it's so fun.

Strangely enough, It's because somebody might read my article.

The reason why I didn't try a blog turned out the reason why I go on it.

Things can be two sides of the same coin.

You never know how something will turn out until you've given it a try.

When I think so, I feel so excited that I'll try something I've heasitated to do.

Well, I have only one 'visiter' so far^^;

(I'll thank him or her for a visit to my blog.)

I dream lots of people would come to my blog someday,

so I'm writing today again.

I wonder until when I can go on・・・


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2013.09.04 (Wed)

Study Abroad

August 31, my lovely student, "M-chan" has gone to Canada飛行機

She'll study at a college in Lethbridge as an exchange student

till April next year.

She must be so excited right now on a plane.

When I was thinking that, I got email from her音譜

She has just got to Calgary International Airport and was waiting

for another plane to Lethbridge.

To my surprise, she said she wanted to go home already・・・

Well, well, what will come to her from now on?あせる

レスブリッジ (トリップアドバイザー提供)

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