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2013.11.20 (Wed)

"Nobunaga Moyu(vol.1)"

Today, I'll introduce a historical novel written about Oda Nobunaga I love.

信長燃ゆ〈上〉 (新潮文庫)信長燃ゆ〈上〉 (新潮文庫)
安部 龍太郎


Did you see the Friday night drama "Nobunaga's chef" Tamamori Yuta

of Kis-My-Ft2 played the lead from January to March this year?

At first, I didn't expect it much because I thought it was nothing but

a rehush of the big hit drama "JIN."

It was unexpectedly interesting, though.

At that very moment, Abe Ryutaro who is the author of "Nobunaga Moyu"

was awarded the 148th Naoki Prize for "Tohaku."

The novel "Nobunaga Moyu" displayed flat caught the attention of mine 

at a book store I just dropped by. 

I believe book is a thing to encounter.

A joy when I encounter the book from numberlees ones

I never ever read all during my life reminds me of excitment feeling 

when I encountered something unknown in my childhood.

This novel is just one of the works.


A technique that concluision of the four-part organization of narrative comes

in the beginning of the story is interesting as reading.

It has a big impact on readers who have never read novel written about Nobunaga.

A custom and a life style about the court ladies in the service of the Imperial Court

centered upon Kajyuji Haruko virtually the wife of Imperial Prince Sanehito 

are written in interesting.

A story of Iga ninja is very intresting as well.

It was my first time to read Abe Ryutaro's work.

Apart from if all the stories were based on histrical fact or not,

overall, it's a novel that doesn't let the reader get tired and that want to read ahead. 

I especially like his enchanting style.

Though the story of the romance between Nobunaga and Haruko is a fiction,

it's all right because it's the novel anyway.

A forbidden love gives especially female readers palpitation.

Lastly, I'm writing down a line that remains in my heart. 

"We should cry. Tears can be tender companion to snap out of depths of  despair

for someone who has to live with overpowering agony."

I'm going to introduce "Nobunaga Moyu(vol. 2)" next time.

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2013.11.06 (Wed)

A book that makes you feel like traveling

Today I'll introduce a book that makes you suddenly feel like traveling.

深夜特急〈1〉香港・マカオ (新潮文庫)深夜特急〈1〉香港・マカオ (新潮文庫)
沢木 耕太郎

深夜特急〈2〉マレー半島・シンガポール (新潮文庫) 深夜特急〈3〉インド・ネパール (新潮文庫) 深夜特急〈4〉シルクロード (新潮文庫) 深夜特急〈5〉トルコ・ギリシャ・地中海 (新潮文庫) 深夜特急〈6〉南ヨーロッパ・ロンドン (新潮文庫)

by G-Tools

"Shinya Tokkyu" written by Sawaki Koutarou is a masterpiece consisted of 6 volumes.

It is being made into TV drama starring Osawa Takao and is also on DVD.

So you guys might see the drama on TV or DVD.

It is also known as a bible to backpackers.

I read the book again and again after reading it for the first time.

I never read without feeling like traveling with a backpack.

The protagonist made a bet with his friends that

if he could go from Delhi India to London England by bus.

Then he abandoned all his work and set off on his journey of 20,000 kilometers.

The protagonist is Sawaki Koutarou and this story is based on his own experience.

Each story from the vol. 1 to the vol. 6 are written of 'Hog Kong and Macau', 

'The Malay Peninsula and Sjngapore', 'India and Nepal', 'The Silk Road', 

'Turkey and Greek and Mediterranean countries' and the final destination 

'Southern Europe and Londn.'

The protagonist got to London safe and sound and went to

London Central Post Office to send a telegram to his friends he made a bet・・・

Something funny happened at the end.

   World Map    

The author said at the beginning of the vol. 1 that 'The Midnight Express is the argot

among foreign sentenced inmates in prison in Turkey. They say that they get on the 

Midnight Express as the argot of a prison break.'

I suppose that the title means that set off on a journy

to escape his constrained daily life.

It's nice to take a tour trip that you fly, stay a hotel and go around famed tourist spots.

It's also nice to travel letting our legs do the leading with a backpack, isn't it?

410123518X旅する力―深夜特急ノート (新潮文庫)
沢木 耕太郎
新潮社 2011-04-26

by G-Tools

This is an essay written about how "Shinya Tokkyu" came into being or its sequel.

I also recommend this book if you like "Shinya Tokkyu" after reading it.

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2013.10.08 (Tue)

The supreme sleepless novel

吉原御免状 (新潮文庫)吉原御免状 (新潮文庫)
隆 慶一郎


It has been a while since I last introduced books.

I usually read about 10 books a month.

But I read only 3 books last month

because I've got stuck on my blog I've just started.

I'll read more this month so that I can introduce many good books to you guys.

However, I've been devoted to historical noves these days・・・

Like I wrote in my article "Timetravel (2)",

what brought me to try to read histrical novels is the TV drama "JIN."

Howevere, it was the first histrical novel for me that made me stucked on ones.

"The beginning is essential to everything" is well said.

If the first histrical novel for me had bored me stiff,

I would have never tried to read one the next 10 years.

It means that I should have wasted on my time for 10 years

Shimosawa Kan, the author of "Katsu Kaishu" did a great work.

I very much appereciate it.

One of the reason that I read histrical novels is 

because I can feel "The good old days" through them,

which was lost a long time ago.

It's hard to describe the feeling because it's just atmosphere.

To stretch a point, It's like
"Everyone lives in the moment with might and main helping each other."

It's wonderful if we can live like that in our days, isn't it?


A prelude is too long again.

I'm going to introduce a novel "Yosiwaragomenjyou" by Ryu Keiichirou today.

As the title says, it's the supreme sleepless novel.

Be careful if you read it the day before you have to work

The hero is Matsunaga Seiichirou, a master of "Nitenichiryu",

who was brought up by the great swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi

among the mountains in Higo.

It's so-called hero story.

After Musashi's death, Seiichirou went up to Yoshiwara in Edo by Musashi's will.

The battles continously unfold themselves

between Seiichirou and  the backstage of Yagyu

over the mystery thing "Shinkungomenjyou." 

To tell the truth, Shinichiro has a secret of his own birth・・・

You'll be deeply in love with Matsunaga Seiichirou who is so cool.

Ryu Keiichirou is one of the writer I love so much.

If you are fond of comic books, you might know "HananoKeiji."

He is the original author of it.

It's indescribable how much great his works are.

He has the skill of description of the characters that attract readers

and the richness of marvelous ideas.

A speedy story full of entertainment unfold in his novels.

That's the popular literature

Quite unfortunately, his works is small because he made his debut in his late life

and then he passed away in the brief period of five years after his debut.

I might be at a loss after I finish reading all his works・・・

If you like "Yoshiwaragomenjyou" after reading,

I recommend "Kakuresatokukaikou", a sequel to the story.

かくれさと苦界行 (新潮文庫)

かくれさと苦界行 (新潮文庫)
隆 慶一郎


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2013.09.12 (Thu)

Oniheihankacho〈15〉Special long story・Unryuken

鬼平犯科帳〈15〉特別長篇・雲竜剣 (文春文庫)鬼平犯科帳〈15〉特別長篇・雲竜剣 (文春文庫)
池波 正太郎


Finally, we come back in time to Edo period.

『Oniheihankacho』 written by Ikenami Shotaro.

I don't have to say anything about this book.

You just read it.(^^♪

Here's a quick introduction for someone who have never heard of this story.

A hero is Hasegawa Heizou, popularly known as "Onihei"

who is a boss of the Hitsuke-tozoku-aratame-kata.

Mostly, arson, robbery and gambling were felonies in Edo period.

The Hitsuke-tozoku-aratame-kata cracks down on these felonies,

which goes by the name of "Katoaratame".

It is a kind of the special police and given its own mobility.

In the story, Hasegawa Heizou, a boss of the Katoaratame and his men

fight with infamous robbers and then arrest them one after another.

It goes without saying that Onihei is so cool,

but also some robbers are dashing.

The 15th volume "Unryuken" of this introduction and

a few other vols out of 24 are long stories,

but rest of them are short stories, so you can enjoy them easily.

Rather than that, you never put aside.

I'm sure you'll be sleepless.

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2013.09.10 (Tue)


So, I just want to drop by on my way to Edo period.

To begin with, what brought me to take timetravel is 『JIN

which was the very popular TV drama as you all know.

I got interested in the history of my country after I saw the drama.

Then I went to a book store and bought a novel that was

『Katsu Kaishu』 written by Shimozawa Kan.

Why "Katsu Kaishu"?・・・is I myself even don't know

Anyway the work is a huge production with 6 vols.

Because it was my second time in my life to try a histrical novel,

I was not sure if I was able to finish all of them.

So I just bought the first volume and soon after I started to read it,

I found it

"so interesting that you can never put aside"

So I rushed to buy the rest of all volumes the next day

and finished all before you can say Jack Robinson.

Well, a prelude is a little too long,

in fact where I want to drop by is the begining of Showa period

that is way ahead of Edo period you can see Katsu Kaishuu.

勝海舟 (第1巻) (新潮文庫)勝海舟 (第1巻) (新潮文庫)
子母沢 寛


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