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2013.09.12 (Thu)

Oniheihankacho〈15〉Special long story・Unryuken

鬼平犯科帳〈15〉特別長篇・雲竜剣 (文春文庫)鬼平犯科帳〈15〉特別長篇・雲竜剣 (文春文庫)
池波 正太郎


Finally, we come back in time to Edo period.

『Oniheihankacho』 written by Ikenami Shotaro.

I don't have to say anything about this book.

You just read it.(^^♪

Here's a quick introduction for someone who have never heard of this story.

A hero is Hasegawa Heizou, popularly known as "Onihei"

who is a boss of the Hitsuke-tozoku-aratame-kata.

Mostly, arson, robbery and gambling were felonies in Edo period.

The Hitsuke-tozoku-aratame-kata cracks down on these felonies,

which goes by the name of "Katoaratame".

It is a kind of the special police and given its own mobility.

In the story, Hasegawa Heizou, a boss of the Katoaratame and his men

fight with infamous robbers and then arrest them one after another.

It goes without saying that Onihei is so cool,

but also some robbers are dashing.

The 15th volume "Unryuken" of this introduction and

a few other vols out of 24 are long stories,

but rest of them are short stories, so you can enjoy them easily.

Rather than that, you never put aside.

I'm sure you'll be sleepless.


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