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2013.12.21 (Sat)

Oniheihankacho Series4 Episode1 "Uchiiri ichibei"

Oniheihankacho Series4 Episode1 "Uchiiri Ichibei"

This is out of the blue but I have a sad news・・・

Oniheihankacho by the second Nakamura Kichiemon was over yesterday,

which reran everyday on the local TV station 'TV Aichi' in my hometwon Aichi.

One of my daily pleasure has gone, but It's all right.

I can introduce a good selection of episode from now on too

since I have recorded all the episodes^o^

I know I write this article for my enjoyment, but I'll be glad if you also enojoy it.

The second Nakamura Matagoro appears in this episode "Uchiiri Ichibei."

I don't know a lot about Kabuki, but it' said that Matagoro devoted himself to passing

down performing to young actors such as Kichiemon and Nakamura Kanzaburo.

It seems that Kichiemon looks at Matagoro with a loving look in the episode.


The outline is that "Matsudo-no-Shigezo", who is a right-hand man of a full-scale

burgler "Hasunuma-no-Ichibei, was killed by a follower of a violent burgler 
Kabekawa-no-Gennai. This incited the family of Hasunuma-no-Ichibei to get revenge.

They are going to break into the hangout of Kabekawa-no-Gennai to kill them all

like the Ako roshi. And Onihei assistes the family in the revenge.

This is a very well-done episode among other episodes. It's my recommendation.

This is the really broad outline^^;

The theme music and the background music of Oniheihankacho are deeply impressive.

In this episode, the background music played in a scene the spy Sagami-no-Hikoju,

who is an old friend of Matsudo-no-Shigezo, and Onihei visit a grave of Shigezo and

Hikoju says "Good fellows go ahead , Hasegawa-sama. I live a little too long, don't I?"

is so melancholy.

I have checked out the title of the music, but I couldn't find out.

It's like "♪La la la~, la la la la~, la la la~, la la・・・♪"

Do enybody know about this song?^^♪  Please let me know, if you know about it.

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2013.12.04 (Wed)

Oniheihankacho Special "Atami miyage-no-Takaramono

Series2 Special "Atami miyage-no-Takaramono"

This time, I'll introduce Oniheihankacho series2 special

"Atami miyage-no-takaramono."

Ikariya Chosuke known to Cho-san from back in the day appears in

"Atami miyage-no-takaramono" as a special guest.

I feel nostalgic about Cho-san!

I very much enjoyed "8ji-dayo! Zenin shugo" (Oops, my age should be guessed.)

In The TV period drama Onoheihankacho special the second Nakamura Kichiemon

plays Hasegawa Heizou known to Onihei, Onihei usually leaves Edo

and goes somewhere.

As is usual with it, this special starts with a scean Onihei has stayed in Atami,

as the title says,  for a hot spring cure this time.

"Atami miyage-no-takaramono" is the most favorite special of Oniheihankacho

I have ever seen.

Not only is the content good, but the images of a view of sea is so beautiful.

A hot spring looks nice as well.


Hasegawa Heizou, who ruined his health because of his hard work,

has stayed in Atami for a hot spring cure accompanied by his wife Hisae

Takigawa Yumi plays and the spies Sagami-no-Hikoju and Omasa.

It was Umabuki-no-Riheiji Ikariya Chosuke plays who came up to the hot-spring

hotel by chance, who used to be a fellow burglar of Sagami-no-Hikoju.

Riheiji worked under Takamodo-no-Kyubei a boss of burglar,

who was one of the top five burglars, as a "Nameyaku" that looks for some

appropriate houses to break into.

Riheiji was on his way to Edo  along Tokaido Road to hand over a treasure,

 that is what burglars want with watering mouth, to a son of Kyubei

because Kyubei has been dead.

As a matter of fact, Riheiji was followed by burglars who was going to rob

him of the treasure.

Hikoju heard about it from Riheiji and asked Heizou to help Riheiji out.

The three of them head for Edo together, but the burglars who are for the treasure

have been waiting for Riheiji at Odawara.

On the other hand, Heizou's men read a letter from Heizou

delivered by an express messenger and head for Odawara as well・・・


I like Cho-san's tasteful performance very much.

Kichiemon is too cool.

The dialogue between Heizou and Hikoju is also very funy.

Hasegawa Heizou's character comes through in this special drama very well. 

I recommend it the most among the special.

The foods appeared this time are abalone and flatfish boiled in soy sauce.

Heizou says the best way to eat abalone is "rub it with salt, wash with vinegar,

sprinkle seasoned vinegar after dishing up and garnish grated Japanese horseradish.

It makes my mouth water・・・

The flatfish boiled in soy sauce Heizou and Riheiji was eating at a tea shop

with a view of the sea and rice balls Neko-dono made also look so yummy!

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2013.11.09 (Sat)

The Birth of Spy Gorozou

Oniheihankacho Series1 Episode21 "Kataki"

This is a story about "Ôtaki-no-Gorozou" played by Watabiki Katsuhiko,

whom I introduced in the other article "Spies Make Much Ado," becomes a spy.

Ôtaki-no-Gorozou, who is a boss of burglars having 30 his own men,
is a bigwig whose name is known to the underworld.

He has stopped his activity for a while because he hated the work of burglar

that "Isogibataraki" has been rampant these days.

But he decided to get back to his work again in Edo where

"Onihei" works as a boss of the "Hitsuke-tozoku-aratame-kata

to redeem prostitute from Yoshiwara, who is a mistress of his man Bunsuke

who is suffering Rogai(tuberculosis)・・・

After all, Gorozou was arrested by Hasegawa Heizou known as Onihei

played  by the second Nakamura Kichiemon.

Gorozou became a spy by the good offices of Onihei

and he often appears in some episodes as 'Spy Gorozou' from this episode.

Watabiki Katsuhiko is very tasetful in the drama.

He looks, as you all know, craggy, but his shy smile he sometimes makes is so lovely.

He is the leader of Onihei's spies and like a very reliable guy having physical strength.


The foods which appearance in this episode are "Ankake-tofu" and "Kenchin-jiru."

It is Kishii Samanosuke played by Emori Toru, who is Onihei's old friend at a kendo hall,

that tells Onihei an information about Gorozou

who came into Edo to prepare the burglary.

Samanosuke and Heizou eat them at Heizou's official residence.

Wow, they look so yummy!

So, I've decided that the next "Oniheihankacho Recipe" is going to be "Ankake-tofu."

It'll be opend one of these days, so come over again to see it!

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2013.10.18 (Fri)

Shiba has an outstanding performance!!

 Oniheihankacho Series2 Episode 9 'The Honmonji bosetsu'

A stray Shiba has an outstanding performance in this episode

Iseki Rokunosuke played by Natsuyagi Isao appears fot the second time.

Iseki Rokunosuke, who is a sword-mate of Hasegawa Heizou

known to "Onihei" played by the second Nakamura Kichiemon, is from Buke.

But his family went into decline because of his father's debauchery.

He went up to the Kyoto-Osaka district after that and lived in degradation

like he stole some vegetables for his own meal.

Once he was asked to kill someone by Nabata-no-Rihei a boss of "yashi"

who relies on the sword skill of Rokunosuke.

Rokunosuke once undertook to do it to get some moey for drinking.

He desisted from doing it after all but he was prosecuted by a bouncer, 

'a master swordsman', of the boss of "yashi." 

Rokunosuke was hunted by the bouncer 'a master swordsman',

who is dying for killing people in a vindictive mood.

He barely escaped with his life from "Kamigata" and then

became a begging bonze in Edo.

One day, 'a master swordsman', who came down to Edo with his boss,

appeared in front of Rokunosuke・・・!

Rokunosuke confessed everything to his sword-mate Heizou and asked for help. 

Heizou is going to meet 'a master swordsman" in single combat

at the Honmonji in the snowing evening.

Heizou was suddenly attacked by 'a master swordsman' who had hidden and waited.

'A master of swordsman' attempts to stab Heizou with a sword

when Heizou fell down because his cords of sandal was broken・・・!

Heizou is in dangerIs he gonna be killed?

Then, what apperas there is・・・ 

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2013.10.10 (Thu)

Spies Make Much Ado

  illust2175_thumb.gif  Oniheihankacho Series3 Episode19 'A Party of Spies'  illust2174_thumb.gif

This is unquestioned masterpiece

All the regular spies get together in this episode.

Hasegawwa Heizou known to 'Onihei' the second Nakamura Kichiemon plays

has some formal subordinates like police sergeants and constables.

He also has his own men called the spies who are at his beck and call.

They all used to beburglars

They all appear in this episode, so first let me introduce them to you guys.

「Otaki-no-Gorozou」:Watabiki Katsuhiko

 A bigwig of the underworld whose name was known to

 throughout the Kantou region having about 30 his own men.

 He is a leading spy Heizou relies on most.

 He is shy for his appearance

「Sagami-no-Hikojyu」:The third Edoya Nekohachi

 He used to be scoundrels and a peddler,

 who was one of the young Heizou's henchman.

 He is on the most intimate terms with Heizou, as he calls Heizou "Tettuan"

 when Heizou and he are just two of them. He is very tasteful.

「Kobusa-no-Kumehachi」:Kanie Keizou

 He used to be an intellect of a burglar Nozuchi-no-Yahei.

 He quit a burglar's life and became a spy

 because he hated bleeding "Isogibataraki."

 He is the landlord of a boat house "Tsuruya" now by the good offices of Heizou.

 He is the very man for the post of spy.

Omasa」:Kaji Meiko

 She is a daughter of a burglar Tazugane-no-chusuke.

 She used to give full play to her abilities under the well-known bosses

 as a skillful "Hikikomi." She is the only woman among the spies.

 This post is her best-known work.

「Isaji」:Miura Kouichi

 He was abandoned a post-town of Seki in Seishu

 and fostered by country prostitutes.

 He is a master of disguise and inquiry. He is a dashing fellow.

To begin with, the full-scale burglar has the three articles of rule

which are 'Never rape', 'Never kill' and 'Never burgle from the poor.'

Gorozou and other spies held strictly to the policy of them while they were burglars.

Howevere, the cruel "Isogibataraki" have been rampant

without keeping the rule nowadays.

It made Kumehachi nuts and then 

he suggested that we should show them what the real burlar is・・・  

They became burglars again and did their job perfectly

What will come to the spies・・・? Are they gonna be caught by Heizou


But as I thought, Onihei had a slight edge on the spies

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