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2014.02.05 (Wed)

♡Valentine Nail♡


♥Valentine Nail♥

valentine's Day is just two weeks ahead.

The number of the visiters coming to my blog that look for Valentine Nail

on a search engine is increasing day by day.

Today, I'll introduce Valentine Nail I've selected among the gel nails of

the nail salon "cherie," where I always go for my gel nail.


This is so cute design with hollowed heart

on such a pretty baby pink color base.

I suppose men might like the kind of color and design.


This one is white French with hollowed heart.

It's an elegant design.

We girls love the white French, don't we?


This is a very elegant design

with colorful tie-dye hearts on light purple oblique French.

It's also suited for early spring.


 The leopard pattern drawn in the hearts

 on the flesh beige gradation is very stylish.

 This is my highly recommended design.


Part of leopard patterns are herat-shaped

Pink and heart make the leopard pattern

that has hard image looked so cute.



This is my friend's Valentine's nail I've introduced before

The art hands drawn on her thumbs make the heart shape.


This is my nail I got on last November.

It isn't the heart painted nail but

it is the quite Valentine's chocolate nail

I got the idea from my favorite chocolate box.


Now, this is my Valentine's nail this year.

Hope both your hearts and nails will be

filled with lots of hearts.

Have a happy Valentine's day!

All the nails I introduced today are the cherie's works.


I wholly forbit the reproduction of the photos without permmision!





それではみなさん、 Have a wonderful day!

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2014.01.22 (Wed)

Valentine Nail


Valentine Nail

I had my gel nail changed♪

♡I've got a Valentine nail this time♡


Color:Bordeaux & White×Black

Design:One color

Point:3D Heart & Gingham check


Look! Isn't it pretty?

I've got pink curved line and 3D hearts on the reddish brown base.

Can you see the L♡VE drawn in cursive letters?


Now, you can see it closer♡

I love the cute gingham check drawn in speckled white and black color.

I had this nail done at the cherie in Okazaki-shi

Thank you for always the beautiful nail, K-san(^o^)

I'll show you my friends' Valentine nails next.


You see, even this is so pretty, she's also got on her thumbs・・・


The art nail of ♡ with fingers. It's so cute, isn't it?

The art hands also got pink nail^^

Here's anoter one. 


She got the leopard pattern nail, that I love as well.

The reverse French is also my favorite design.

It is also good for the Valentine nail with the color brown.

They are sisters.

The art hands is the older sister's nail

and the leopard pattern is the yonger sister's 

They are very stylish sisters.

Thank you for your photos, S-san. 

Of course the both are the cherie's works.

If you live around Okazaki-shi and like the designs,

why not vistit the nail salon cherie?

Here's the cherie's blog  yajirusi57.gif岡崎市ネイルサロン『cherie』

I'm going to have U's cute face art on may nail next time!

Don't miss it!






みなさん、Don't miss it!

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2014.01.17 (Fri)

The Best Selection of Gel Nail for January


The Best Select Gel nail for January

I'll introduce for January's best gel nails I've selected from

my favorite nail salon 『cherie』




Point:Snow crystal with Swarovski

Price:10,710 yen

This is very gorgeous design by putting Swarovski on the top of 

the hand-painted snow crystal taht is one of a favorite designs in winter.

The nails covered with gold pearl are so shiny and beautiful.




Point:Hand-printed snow crystal

This is a unique design of snow crystal by using purple for

the base color instead of typical color white.

The similar color hologram makes it looked more gorgeous.



Design:One color

Point:Hand-printed colorful flower


You might like such a colorful nail for this season

when the clothes tend to be quiet.

The flower pattern that is the cherie's specialty

are painted by hand with various colors.

The bigger color stones on the pink color nails are also so cute.




Point:Hand-printed small rose


This is a brown version of cherie's populr design small roses

I've also introduced in the 「The Best Select Gel nail for November」

The design of this version is French with gold line.

It's also suited to the office with a quiet color and pattern.



Design:One color

Point:A Hand-printed white bear

This is my nailist K-san's nail.

Isn't it so cute?

The combination of colors of yellow and navy is bright and nice.

I know I always say so but let me emphasize that

this white bear isn't a seal but a hand-printed!

It looks like a real white bear, isn't it?

Since the casual art nail is now booming, I'll try one someday.


Color:Vivid pink

Design:One color

Point:Hand-painted real dog art

Now, I've found the very preety art nail.

She got a picture of her own dog on her nail.

I must try one!

I'll have a picture of my beloved U on my nail.

Please look forward to my nail with cute U on it.

If you like the designs and live around Okazaki-shi,

why don't you visit 『cherie』.

It has a relaxed atmosphere,

and the owner nailist K-san is very lovely.

You can visit cherie's blog from here  arrow46-027.gif  岡崎市ネイルサロン『cherie』 

I'll get the Valentine's nail next time.

I'll open it with nails of my friends next week.

Don't miss it.

I put all the photos with getting permission from the owner of cherie

I wholly forbit the reproduction of the photos without permission!







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2013.12.25 (Wed)

New Year's Nail & Friend'd Nail

New Year's Nail & Friend's Nail

I had my gel nail changed♪

I got New Year's nail this time.


Color:Skin color×Black×Bordeaux

Design:One color & French

Point:Hand-printed black and white lace rose



I had this nail done at the nail salon "cherie" in Okazaki as usual.

This nail of my nailist I introduced in other article before

(Here's the article of this nail ⇒ 'The Best Selection of Gel Nail')

is so nice that I had it altered a little for New Year's

Aren't both of the white lace rose on black base color

and Bordeaux French nice?

It also goes well with Wafuku, doesn't it?

I love this nail very much. 

Thank you for always, "cherie" san(^o^)

 Though I love it,

I was shocked when I saw the picture・・・

'My  fingers have gotten fat(lll ̄□ ̄)!!'

Can you believe that fingers got fat・・・?

I know I know I eat and drink a lot and sleep well these days!

My goodness!

I'll change my blog into a diet blog!

So, I trimmed unnecessary part of the picture as much as possible

so that you can't see my fat fingers(w)

I really wanted to show you a whole picture,

you can see the art better, though^^;


Today, I'll introduce one more nail that is my friend's.

This is also the cherie's work.


This is a very elegant design

with the base color of baby pink covered with gold pearl

and she got art and stones on one by one right and left neils.

It's also suited to the office workers.

She is now waiting for her nails to get better after getting them damaged.

Her nails have gotten much better than before

because your nails are scraped little at the "cherie." 

I recommend the "cherie", its work is so gentle for nails,

 to someone whose nails got damaged

after having gel nail for a long time.

You can visit the sherie's blog from here  arrow42-027.gif Okazakis-shi nail salon cherie  

There're lots of pretty nails there.

Why don't you pay a brief visit there to see them?

I'm going to have a Valentine's nail next time.

Don't miss it(^_-)-☆

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2013.12.10 (Tue)

Christmas Nail

Christmas Nail

Christmas is just around the corner.

The number of the visiters coming to my blog that look for Christmas nail

on a search engine is increasing day by day.

Today, I'll introduce Christmas nail I carefully selected among the gel nails of 

the nail salon "cherie," where I always go for my gel nail.



Design:Deformed French

Point:Hollowed Christmas tree


This is a very cute Christmas nail.

It is full of Christmas design with hollowed tree, lamé snow crystals

and red check deformed French!







This is an elegant Christmas nail.

The studded hologram like an aurora

ans 3D poinsettia are very classy.



Design:One color

Point:Christmas color ribbon


This is also a cute design.

The ribbons painted with Christmas color are so pretty.

Ribbon is cherie's popular design.

There are lots of another designs with ribbon.




Design:Reverse French



This is a very gorgeous Christmas nail.

It's fit for you to dress up and go out somewhere

such as a Christmas party.


The last Christmas nail is my nailist's.

She got hollowed tree, boot, star and 3D-Santa!

This is the very Christmas nail!
The 3D-Santa she made color and painted by hand is so lovely!

She recommends natural color for base

if you prefer quiet color.

Maybe I'll copy this next Christmas.

The white 3D-Poinsettia is also nice・・・

Mmm・・・, it's hard to choose

'cause we can only have Christmas nail once a year.

If you like the design and live around Okazaki-shi,

please visit the nail salon "cherie."

I'm sure you'll love it.

Here's the cherie's blog  yajirusi-ani95.gif  Okazaki-shi nail salon cherie

You can enjoy lots of beautiful nail design there.


I put all the photos with getting permission from the owner of cherie.

I wholly forbit the reproduction of the photos without permission.


This is my Christmas nail of this year.

I also uploded it in this article.

Have a look!
Christmas Nail of This Year

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