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2013.12.04 (Wed)

Oniheihankacho Special "Atami miyage-no-Takaramono

Series2 Special "Atami miyage-no-Takaramono"

This time, I'll introduce Oniheihankacho series2 special

"Atami miyage-no-takaramono."

Ikariya Chosuke known to Cho-san from back in the day appears in

"Atami miyage-no-takaramono" as a special guest.

I feel nostalgic about Cho-san!

I very much enjoyed "8ji-dayo! Zenin shugo" (Oops, my age should be guessed.)

In The TV period drama Onoheihankacho special the second Nakamura Kichiemon

plays Hasegawa Heizou known to Onihei, Onihei usually leaves Edo

and goes somewhere.

As is usual with it, this special starts with a scean Onihei has stayed in Atami,

as the title says,  for a hot spring cure this time.

"Atami miyage-no-takaramono" is the most favorite special of Oniheihankacho

I have ever seen.

Not only is the content good, but the images of a view of sea is so beautiful.

A hot spring looks nice as well.


Hasegawa Heizou, who ruined his health because of his hard work,

has stayed in Atami for a hot spring cure accompanied by his wife Hisae

Takigawa Yumi plays and the spies Sagami-no-Hikoju and Omasa.

It was Umabuki-no-Riheiji Ikariya Chosuke plays who came up to the hot-spring

hotel by chance, who used to be a fellow burglar of Sagami-no-Hikoju.

Riheiji worked under Takamodo-no-Kyubei a boss of burglar,

who was one of the top five burglars, as a "Nameyaku" that looks for some

appropriate houses to break into.

Riheiji was on his way to Edo  along Tokaido Road to hand over a treasure,

 that is what burglars want with watering mouth, to a son of Kyubei

because Kyubei has been dead.

As a matter of fact, Riheiji was followed by burglars who was going to rob

him of the treasure.

Hikoju heard about it from Riheiji and asked Heizou to help Riheiji out.

The three of them head for Edo together, but the burglars who are for the treasure

have been waiting for Riheiji at Odawara.

On the other hand, Heizou's men read a letter from Heizou

delivered by an express messenger and head for Odawara as well・・・


I like Cho-san's tasteful performance very much.

Kichiemon is too cool.

The dialogue between Heizou and Hikoju is also very funy.

Hasegawa Heizou's character comes through in this special drama very well. 

I recommend it the most among the special.

The foods appeared this time are abalone and flatfish boiled in soy sauce.

Heizou says the best way to eat abalone is "rub it with salt, wash with vinegar,

sprinkle seasoned vinegar after dishing up and garnish grated Japanese horseradish.

It makes my mouth water・・・

The flatfish boiled in soy sauce Heizou and Riheiji was eating at a tea shop

with a view of the sea and rice balls Neko-dono made also look so yummy!

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