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2013.12.14 (Sat)

Fukagawa Meshi

"Fukagawa Meshi"

The 4th recipe of "Oniheihankacho" is "Fukagawa Meshi."

There are two types of "Fukagawa Meshi, which is also a local dish of Tokyo.

One is cooked by pouring clams miso soup on rice,

and another is boiled rice with soy sauce and clams.

"Fukagawa Meshi" appears in the episode 23 "Youjinbo" in the series 1.

A constable called "Nekodono" and Onihei argue about which one is better.

I hesitated about which one to make but I made miso one Onihei recommends.


That is to say "Fukagawa Meshi" with miso is "clams miso soup bukkake gohan."

So I don't write a recipe of "Fukagawa Meshi."^^;

I made it with long onion, carrot and deep-fried bean curd except clams.

I used red miso and white miso and added a little mirin for sweetness.

I used clams with shell because I couldn't get shelled clams.

Using shelled clams is much easier if you can get one, I suppose.

It is said that "Fukagawa Meshi" was first made by a fisherman to be able to easily

eat between fishing and eating by mixing it enough is the fisherman's style.

I'll write a recipe of Myoga-no-amazuzuke I made for refreshment during the meal.

It also appears in other episode of Oniheihankacho.

vegitable01-01550.jpg Ingredients
Soup made from kelp・・・1/2cup
A nip of salt

vegitable01-01550.jpg Recipe
  1. Cut myoga into half lengthwise, boil it for a short minute and cool it.
  2. Put soup over the fire, put sugar, vinegar and salt when warmed then cool it.
  3. Soak cooled myoga into cooled sweetened vinegar, leave it for a half day.

Wow I must say  this is as delicious and addicts me!

"Myoga-no-amazuzuke" stays good for about a week, 

it's good to prepare in a relatively large quantity for refreshment.

I also want to try "Fukagawa Meshi" boiled rice with soy sauce.

I think I'll try to make it for the "Local Dish Recipe."

Why don't you try to make it and eat once?

I'm planning to make something warm for the next Oniheihankacho Recipe.

Don't miss it!

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