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2013.12.21 (Sat)

Oniheihankacho Series4 Episode1 "Uchiiri ichibei"

Oniheihankacho Series4 Episode1 "Uchiiri Ichibei"

This is out of the blue but I have a sad news・・・

Oniheihankacho by the second Nakamura Kichiemon was over yesterday,

which reran everyday on the local TV station 'TV Aichi' in my hometwon Aichi.

One of my daily pleasure has gone, but It's all right.

I can introduce a good selection of episode from now on too

since I have recorded all the episodes^o^

I know I write this article for my enjoyment, but I'll be glad if you also enojoy it.

The second Nakamura Matagoro appears in this episode "Uchiiri Ichibei."

I don't know a lot about Kabuki, but it' said that Matagoro devoted himself to passing

down performing to young actors such as Kichiemon and Nakamura Kanzaburo.

It seems that Kichiemon looks at Matagoro with a loving look in the episode.


The outline is that "Matsudo-no-Shigezo", who is a right-hand man of a full-scale

burgler "Hasunuma-no-Ichibei, was killed by a follower of a violent burgler 
Kabekawa-no-Gennai. This incited the family of Hasunuma-no-Ichibei to get revenge.

They are going to break into the hangout of Kabekawa-no-Gennai to kill them all

like the Ako roshi. And Onihei assistes the family in the revenge.

This is a very well-done episode among other episodes. It's my recommendation.

This is the really broad outline^^;

The theme music and the background music of Oniheihankacho are deeply impressive.

In this episode, the background music played in a scene the spy Sagami-no-Hikoju,

who is an old friend of Matsudo-no-Shigezo, and Onihei visit a grave of Shigezo and

Hikoju says "Good fellows go ahead , Hasegawa-sama. I live a little too long, don't I?"

is so melancholy.

I have checked out the title of the music, but I couldn't find out.

It's like "♪La la la~, la la la la~, la la la~, la la・・・♪"

Do enybody know about this song?^^♪  Please let me know, if you know about it.

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