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2013.09.10 (Tue)


So, I just want to drop by on my way to Edo period.

To begin with, what brought me to take timetravel is 『JIN

which was the very popular TV drama as you all know.

I got interested in the history of my country after I saw the drama.

Then I went to a book store and bought a novel that was

『Katsu Kaishu』 written by Shimozawa Kan.

Why "Katsu Kaishu"?・・・is I myself even don't know

Anyway the work is a huge production with 6 vols.

Because it was my second time in my life to try a histrical novel,

I was not sure if I was able to finish all of them.

So I just bought the first volume and soon after I started to read it,

I found it

"so interesting that you can never put aside"

So I rushed to buy the rest of all volumes the next day

and finished all before you can say Jack Robinson.

Well, a prelude is a little too long,

in fact where I want to drop by is the begining of Showa period

that is way ahead of Edo period you can see Katsu Kaishuu.

勝海舟 (第1巻) (新潮文庫)勝海舟 (第1巻) (新潮文庫)
子母沢 寛



It was February 26,1936.

It was about to occur the February 26th incident in the imperial capital, Tokyo,

where it was snowing hard.

Ozaki Takashi, a protagonist in a story came up there.

He had come up to Tokyo to take an exam for a cramming school,

and been csught in a fire at a hotel where he stayed.

A man had helped him and taken him back in time there…

It is 『Gamouteijiken』 written by Miyabe Miyuki.

You never talk about her without reading this story.

It is one of her best work.

You may enjoy the story with history, timetravel and mystery.

These are my favorite subjects, so I read it again and again.

If you haven't read it yet, you just believe me and try!

I bet you'll never be disappointed.(^_-)-☆

蒲生邸事件 (文春文庫)蒲生邸事件 (文春文庫)
宮部 みゆき


Now, let's go to Edo period next!


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