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2013.09.19 (Thu)

18th day!

It's a fine autumn day with a clear wind, isn't it?

Before I knew it, 18 days have past since I belatedly made blog debut

I'm so proud of myself.

I'm rather fond of writing orginally.

Although I was a little poor at Japanese in my school days,

I enjoyed reading and writing and so I was sort of good at

writing compositions or reading impressions essaies.

I've tried to keep a diary countless times.

I never go on writing though.

I don't think I can stick to nothing.

I rather carry out something once I make up my mind to do・・・not always.

I've actually succeded in dietting several times (Oops! several times・・・!).

I've succeded in quiting smoking twice (the third time will be surely done).

Well, so I'm rather strong-willed・・・I think.

I don't know why but I never go on writing a diary even 2 days somehow.

As a result, diaries which were written down only one page or brand-new ones

simply turned to memo pads

I believe that it's surely one of the reason that I write a poor hand.

And then, I installed a diary application as sson as I first got my smart phne.

"I don't have to write myself", I thought.

It was uninstalled before it's used even only once

Of course I knew that there was the blog in this world.

I was resistant to beeing looked at what I write by somebdody…

On the contrary, I had never tried a blog. 

However, because I've got plenty of extra time because I quite my job.

So I suddenly took it into my head to try and start my blog.

I found it much more pleasnt than I expected

I think of next ariticle as soon as I finish writing one.

Did you guys have a similar experience to me at first?

Then I think it over how come it's so fun.

Strangely enough, It's because somebody might read my article.

The reason why I didn't try a blog turned out the reason why I go on it.

Things can be two sides of the same coin.

You never know how something will turn out until you've given it a try.

When I think so, I feel so excited that I'll try something I've heasitated to do.

Well, I have only one 'visiter' so far^^;

(I'll thank him or her for a visit to my blog.)

I dream lots of people would come to my blog someday,

so I'm writing today again.

I wonder until when I can go on・・・



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