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2014.05.23 (Fri)

I Shall Walk with You

よろしければ そちらの記事も合わせてお読みください(@゚ー゚@)

When you first saw cherry blossoms, I wonder what you got in your mind


Your fifth spring,
Do you remenber the cherry bloosoms we saw together through that window?
We made a promise we would see cherry bloosoms walking together next spring

Your sixth spring, you walked ahead steadily with mighty steps
The cherry bloosoms were indistinct, reflected in my eyes gazing after you

Every season of cherry bloosoms, we make a promise
"We shall see cherry bloosoms together again next spring"

The cherry bloosoms we saw singing songs
The cherry bloosoms we saw smiling
The cherry bloosoms we saw remaining silent
We had some springs you couldn't walk

Ten years have passed since that day・・・


Your fifteenth spring, we saw cherry bloosoms walking together again this year

At some time or other, you became senior to me
I became aware that you were walking after me

No need to hurry, we can walk abreast at your pace
Look, we can find ourselves in a different scenery


You lost your sight, I would be your eyes
I would tell you everything that comes into my eyes

You were unable to walk, I would be your legs
I would hold you in my arms and walk to the end of the world with you

You had difficulty recognizing me,
Don't worry, I would be always at your side
I would talk about the good old days we've spent together night after night
So that you may fall asleep in peace

Your sixteenth spring,
"We shall see cherry bloosoms together again next spring"


Next year and the year after, I shall walk with you forever and ever・・・

いつもたくさんのコメント&拍手コメントをありがとうございます(@´з`@)ノ ♪
今週はテスト週間のため コメント&拍手コメントをお休みさせていただきます
皆さまのところへも 訪問&応援のみになりますが よろしくお願いします(@゚ー゚@)

Have a wonderful weekend(◎´∀`)ノ.。.:*・゚☆


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