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2014.06.11 (Wed)

クイズの答え&Hydrangea Nail



みんな ぼくのつぶやきにたくさんのとっても楽しいコメントありがと♪
じゃぁ クイズの答えを発表するよ!


Itchy(イチ) Knee(ニー) Sun(サン) Sea(シー) Go(ゴー) 
そして Rock(ロック)・・・でしょ♪

これ 英語圏の人に日本語の1、2、3・・・を教えるのに覚えとくといいよね

Hitch(ヒチ) Hatch(ハチ) Cue(キュー) Jew(ジュー) と続くよ

I felt itchy on my knee looking at the sun setting in the sea, so I decided to
go to the rock concert by hitchhiking. On my way, I saw the hatch was left
open so I gave a cue to a Jew.


って なんのことやらゞ(´ε`●) ブ! なんだか元素記号を覚えるみたいだね♪
正解した人おめでと♪数字の「5」がくるとこまではわかった人 おしかったね!





Clear Nailazisai01-001.gifwith Hydrangea

I've had my gel nail changed♪

The theme is ”Hydrangea" this time


Uh oh, it's hard to see, isn't it( ̄ー ̄;)

I tried to do everything I could but it didin't work at all(T∇T)

I suppose it's hard to see because the picture is whitish as a whole

but I've got two violet, light blue and white hydrangea arts in each hand

It's much more beautiful than the photo! I want you to see it゜+.(≧艸≦)゜+.゜

I tried getting the art on clear gel, which is the latest trend(*´艸`*)

When you get gel nail, you get the clear gel the first,

then get various arts after putting the color gel

I'll show an example below


The cherry bloosoms are painted on the pink gel

after putting the clear nail on the base

Compared to the avobe nail


The art is painted on the clear gel directly

Can you see the white part of the tips of my nail through the clear gel?

I have to keep under my nails clean( ̄∇ ̄)

I love this feel of transparency so much

It's very stylish♪(v〃∇〃)

Looked cool, the clear nail is gonna be my favorite this summer♪

Getting a blight red hibiscus or a sunflower must be pretty

I' ve also tried changing the shape of my nails this time

The above cherry bloosom nail is the 'round shape'

the tip of a rising part is roundish

The hydrangea one is the 'square-off shape'

the tip of a rising part is straight, only the corner is roundish

The square-off makes your nail well-shaped

if you keep some length of your nails

It also makes your fingers looked thin and long

I'll keep it for a while♪


Why, it's like a nail course( ̄∇ ̄)

Next, I'll introduce my friends' nails as usual♪

Tweed Nail


The deep wine red French & tweed

Tweed is popular not only winter but also spring

She's made up her mind to get red nail,

which is her favorite color, on the month when she was born

゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜Happy★Birthdyヽ((◎´∀`◎))ノ゚・


Dolphin Nail


The atmosphere is completely changed

It's very cute design with the dolphine's art

It has an image of the sea shining by sunlight

The pink nail with stones on the base and the tip is also cute♥

All the nail designs belong to the nailist K-san at the "cherie"





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