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2013.10.08 (Tue)

The supreme sleepless novel

吉原御免状 (新潮文庫)吉原御免状 (新潮文庫)
隆 慶一郎


It has been a while since I last introduced books.

I usually read about 10 books a month.

But I read only 3 books last month

because I've got stuck on my blog I've just started.

I'll read more this month so that I can introduce many good books to you guys.

However, I've been devoted to historical noves these days・・・

Like I wrote in my article "Timetravel (2)",

what brought me to try to read histrical novels is the TV drama "JIN."

Howevere, it was the first histrical novel for me that made me stucked on ones.

"The beginning is essential to everything" is well said.

If the first histrical novel for me had bored me stiff,

I would have never tried to read one the next 10 years.

It means that I should have wasted on my time for 10 years

Shimosawa Kan, the author of "Katsu Kaishu" did a great work.

I very much appereciate it.

One of the reason that I read histrical novels is 

because I can feel "The good old days" through them,

which was lost a long time ago.

It's hard to describe the feeling because it's just atmosphere.

To stretch a point, It's like
"Everyone lives in the moment with might and main helping each other."

It's wonderful if we can live like that in our days, isn't it?


A prelude is too long again.

I'm going to introduce a novel "Yosiwaragomenjyou" by Ryu Keiichirou today.

As the title says, it's the supreme sleepless novel.

Be careful if you read it the day before you have to work

The hero is Matsunaga Seiichirou, a master of "Nitenichiryu",

who was brought up by the great swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi

among the mountains in Higo.

It's so-called hero story.

After Musashi's death, Seiichirou went up to Yoshiwara in Edo by Musashi's will.

The battles continously unfold themselves

between Seiichirou and  the backstage of Yagyu

over the mystery thing "Shinkungomenjyou." 

To tell the truth, Shinichiro has a secret of his own birth・・・

You'll be deeply in love with Matsunaga Seiichirou who is so cool.

Ryu Keiichirou is one of the writer I love so much.

If you are fond of comic books, you might know "HananoKeiji."

He is the original author of it.

It's indescribable how much great his works are.

He has the skill of description of the characters that attract readers

and the richness of marvelous ideas.

A speedy story full of entertainment unfold in his novels.

That's the popular literature

Quite unfortunately, his works is small because he made his debut in his late life

and then he passed away in the brief period of five years after his debut.

I might be at a loss after I finish reading all his works・・・

If you like "Yoshiwaragomenjyou" after reading,

I recommend "Kakuresatokukaikou", a sequel to the story.

かくれさと苦界行 (新潮文庫)

かくれさと苦界行 (新潮文庫)
隆 慶一郎


テーマ :  英語・英会話学習 - ジャンル : 学校・教育

タグ : Yagyu HananokKiji Katsu Kaishu Yoshiwaragomenjyou Ryu Keiichirou Miyamoto Musashi

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