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2013.10.18 (Fri)

Shiba has an outstanding performance!!

 Oniheihankacho Series2 Episode 9 'The Honmonji bosetsu'

A stray Shiba has an outstanding performance in this episode

Iseki Rokunosuke played by Natsuyagi Isao appears fot the second time.

Iseki Rokunosuke, who is a sword-mate of Hasegawa Heizou

known to "Onihei" played by the second Nakamura Kichiemon, is from Buke.

But his family went into decline because of his father's debauchery.

He went up to the Kyoto-Osaka district after that and lived in degradation

like he stole some vegetables for his own meal.

Once he was asked to kill someone by Nabata-no-Rihei a boss of "yashi"

who relies on the sword skill of Rokunosuke.

Rokunosuke once undertook to do it to get some moey for drinking.

He desisted from doing it after all but he was prosecuted by a bouncer, 

'a master swordsman', of the boss of "yashi." 

Rokunosuke was hunted by the bouncer 'a master swordsman',

who is dying for killing people in a vindictive mood.

He barely escaped with his life from "Kamigata" and then

became a begging bonze in Edo.

One day, 'a master swordsman', who came down to Edo with his boss,

appeared in front of Rokunosuke・・・!

Rokunosuke confessed everything to his sword-mate Heizou and asked for help. 

Heizou is going to meet 'a master swordsman" in single combat

at the Honmonji in the snowing evening.

Heizou was suddenly attacked by 'a master swordsman' who had hidden and waited.

'A master of swordsman' attempts to stab Heizou with a sword

when Heizou fell down because his cords of sandal was broken・・・!

Heizou is in dangerIs he gonna be killed?

Then, what apperas there is・・・ 



Wow! It's a stray Shiba!

The Shiba sprang at 'a master sword' who was about to stab Heizou with a sword.

Looking at it, Heizou pulls himself together and 

stabbed 'a master swordsman' with a sword・・・

Actually, Heizou gave this Shiba some rice crackers at a tea shop

in front of the Honmonji while he was waiting for Rokunosuke before the fight.

Good boy! Good girl!

Dogs never forget a kindness!

Let me say in passing that there is an article on 

Oniheihankacho(Nakamura Kichiemon) in 『Wikipedia』.

Role's names and the stage names of main performers are written in the article like

Iseki Rokunosuke-Natsuyagi Isao.

Take a look at this episode if you have extra time.

You can find some sort of sad or funny

Mr. Natuyagi Isao died from pancreatic cancer on May this year.

I didn't know that at all. He was a good dashing actor. 

I pray that his soul may rest in peace 


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