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2013.10.23 (Wed)

Houtou with Pampkin

 "Houtou with Pampkinillust320_thumb20.png "

Sorry to keep you waiting(^^)/

The second recipe of "Oniheihankacho" is "Houtou" with pampkin.

"Houtou" appeares in the episode 19 'An old boyfriend' in the series 1.

Onihei and his men eat "Houtou" with pampkin on their way back from

Nirazaki Koshu where they went to arrest a burglar "Inume-no-Denjiro."

It looks yummy.


Houtou a local specialty of Yamanashi prefecture is cooked with Houtou noodle.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get one, so I cooked it with "Kishimen"

which is an institution around my home town.

It is a sort of similar to Houtou noodle whose shape is thick and flat.



illust320_thumb20.png Ingredients(for one person)

Kishimen(raw)・・・1sack(200g)    Stock・・・4cup 
Chicken breast meat・・・1       Blended miso・・・2tablespoonfuls 
Pampkin・・・100g           Seven flavored spices・・・accordingly
Chinese cabbage・・・50g
Long onion・・・1/2
Lyophylium shimeji・・・1/3pack

illust320_thumb20.png Recipe

1. Cut the chiken breast meat into long, thin diagonal strips bite-size chunks.
2. Cut pampkin into bigger bite-size chunks, 
    cut carrot into the shape of ginkgo 5cm thick, cut Chinese cabbage coarsely,
    cut 5cm long onion into small pieces and the rest into diagonal,
    remove hard tip of Lyophylium shimeji and loosen.
3. Put stock, pampkin and core of Chinese cabbage in a pan and simmer for 5minutes.
4. Take half of pampkin out on a dish when it is thoroughly cooked.
5. Put noodle, meat and the rest Chinese cabbage in the pan
    and simmer over low heat for 5minutes. 
6. Add Lyophylium shimeji and long onion cut into diagonal in the pan and boil quickly
    and then put mixed miso.
7. Boil once and then put the pampkin of 4 in a pan again,
    serve it in a bowl and top with shreded long onion to finish.
8. Enjoy it after sprinkling lots of seven flavored spices. 


Typically, sliced pork is used in this recipe but I used stocked chicken breast meat

because I prefer chicken to pork.

All vegetables I used were kept in stock excpet pampkin.

You can also use taros, white radish, deep-fried tofu, shiitake mushroom and so on.

You can use thickish noodle if it's hard to get houtou noodle.

I tried to make it for the first time with refering to some recipes.

It was delicious.

The times are right for Houtou which is nourishing with lots of vegetables 

and makes your body worm.


Why don't you try making it and eating?

I would be happy if you could tell me what you think of it.



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