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2013.11.06 (Wed)

A book that makes you feel like traveling

Today I'll introduce a book that makes you suddenly feel like traveling.

深夜特急〈1〉香港・マカオ (新潮文庫)深夜特急〈1〉香港・マカオ (新潮文庫)
沢木 耕太郎

深夜特急〈2〉マレー半島・シンガポール (新潮文庫) 深夜特急〈3〉インド・ネパール (新潮文庫) 深夜特急〈4〉シルクロード (新潮文庫) 深夜特急〈5〉トルコ・ギリシャ・地中海 (新潮文庫) 深夜特急〈6〉南ヨーロッパ・ロンドン (新潮文庫)

by G-Tools

"Shinya Tokkyu" written by Sawaki Koutarou is a masterpiece consisted of 6 volumes.

It is being made into TV drama starring Osawa Takao and is also on DVD.

So you guys might see the drama on TV or DVD.

It is also known as a bible to backpackers.

I read the book again and again after reading it for the first time.

I never read without feeling like traveling with a backpack.

The protagonist made a bet with his friends that

if he could go from Delhi India to London England by bus.

Then he abandoned all his work and set off on his journey of 20,000 kilometers.

The protagonist is Sawaki Koutarou and this story is based on his own experience.

Each story from the vol. 1 to the vol. 6 are written of 'Hog Kong and Macau', 

'The Malay Peninsula and Sjngapore', 'India and Nepal', 'The Silk Road', 

'Turkey and Greek and Mediterranean countries' and the final destination 

'Southern Europe and Londn.'

The protagonist got to London safe and sound and went to

London Central Post Office to send a telegram to his friends he made a bet・・・

Something funny happened at the end.

   World Map    

The author said at the beginning of the vol. 1 that 'The Midnight Express is the argot

among foreign sentenced inmates in prison in Turkey. They say that they get on the 

Midnight Express as the argot of a prison break.'

I suppose that the title means that set off on a journy

to escape his constrained daily life.

It's nice to take a tour trip that you fly, stay a hotel and go around famed tourist spots.

It's also nice to travel letting our legs do the leading with a backpack, isn't it?

410123518X旅する力―深夜特急ノート (新潮文庫)
沢木 耕太郎
新潮社 2011-04-26

by G-Tools

This is an essay written about how "Shinya Tokkyu" came into being or its sequel.

I also recommend this book if you like "Shinya Tokkyu" after reading it.

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