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2013.11.09 (Sat)

The Birth of Spy Gorozou

Oniheihankacho Series1 Episode21 "Kataki"

This is a story about "Ôtaki-no-Gorozou" played by Watabiki Katsuhiko,

whom I introduced in the other article "Spies Make Much Ado," becomes a spy.

Ôtaki-no-Gorozou, who is a boss of burglars having 30 his own men,
is a bigwig whose name is known to the underworld.

He has stopped his activity for a while because he hated the work of burglar

that "Isogibataraki" has been rampant these days.

But he decided to get back to his work again in Edo where

"Onihei" works as a boss of the "Hitsuke-tozoku-aratame-kata

to redeem prostitute from Yoshiwara, who is a mistress of his man Bunsuke

who is suffering Rogai(tuberculosis)・・・

After all, Gorozou was arrested by Hasegawa Heizou known as Onihei

played  by the second Nakamura Kichiemon.

Gorozou became a spy by the good offices of Onihei

and he often appears in some episodes as 'Spy Gorozou' from this episode.

Watabiki Katsuhiko is very tasetful in the drama.

He looks, as you all know, craggy, but his shy smile he sometimes makes is so lovely.

He is the leader of Onihei's spies and like a very reliable guy having physical strength.


The foods which appearance in this episode are "Ankake-tofu" and "Kenchin-jiru."

It is Kishii Samanosuke played by Emori Toru, who is Onihei's old friend at a kendo hall,

that tells Onihei an information about Gorozou

who came into Edo to prepare the burglary.

Samanosuke and Heizou eat them at Heizou's official residence.

Wow, they look so yummy!

So, I've decided that the next "Oniheihankacho Recipe" is going to be "Ankake-tofu."

It'll be opend one of these days, so come over again to see it!

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