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2013.11.12 (Tue)

"Ankake-Tofu" with lots of mushroom

"Ankake-Tofu" with lots of mushroomillust395_thumb.gif

Sorry to keep you waiting!

The third recipe of "Oniheihankacho" is "Ankake-Tofu" with lots of mushroom.

"Ankake-Tofu" appears in the episode 21 "Kataki" in the series 1

which I have introduced before in the other article.

Actually, "Ankake-Tofu" in the drama is not with lots of mushroom, 

because of seasonable, I made one with lots of mushroom I love, though. 



illust3494_thumb1.png Recipe
1. Cut tofu into 4 equal parts after letting the water drain off lightly.
2. Cut Flammulina velutipes into 3 equal parts after cutting off the root.
  Remove the sliminess of Nameko with living water.
  Remove hard tip of shiitake and cut into slices.
3. Cut spinach coarsely 3~4cm width, cut carrot into fine stripes.
4. Boil water with a pan then put tofu and heat it up without boiling vigorously.
5. Put stock, soysause and mirin in another pan and simmer,
  then put Flammulina velutipes, nameko, raw shiitake and carrot in the pan
  and simmer for a few minutes then season the paste with salt.
6. Mix starch with water and put it in 5, then add spinach.
7. Serve boiled tofu after letting the water drain and poure plenty of paste sause.
8. Enjoy it with Yuzu kosho.


You can use whichever you prefer, silken tofu or firm tofu.

I used my favorite seasoning Yuzu kosho,

you can also use your favorite one like Japanese mustard or grated ginger.

Be careful not to boil tofu too much.

It's even all right to use a microwave oven to heat up tofu.
Add sugar if you like a sweeter taste.
I made more paste sause because I used lots of ingredients.

Add some egg and crumbled tofu to the left-over paste sause and poure it on rice.

Try it next day. It's so yummy as well.

I was very satisfied with tofu and mushroom that are low calorie and large volume.

It looks a little grand even though it can be cooked easily.

What do you say to making and eating it?

I would be glad if you up the photo you make and let me know about it.

I have a plan to make something to use rice for next "Oniheihankacho Recipe."

So, please come over again(^^)/

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