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2013.11.20 (Wed)

"Nobunaga Moyu(vol.1)"

Today, I'll introduce a historical novel written about Oda Nobunaga I love.

信長燃ゆ〈上〉 (新潮文庫)信長燃ゆ〈上〉 (新潮文庫)
安部 龍太郎


Did you see the Friday night drama "Nobunaga's chef" Tamamori Yuta

of Kis-My-Ft2 played the lead from January to March this year?

At first, I didn't expect it much because I thought it was nothing but

a rehush of the big hit drama "JIN."

It was unexpectedly interesting, though.

At that very moment, Abe Ryutaro who is the author of "Nobunaga Moyu"

was awarded the 148th Naoki Prize for "Tohaku."

The novel "Nobunaga Moyu" displayed flat caught the attention of mine 

at a book store I just dropped by. 

I believe book is a thing to encounter.

A joy when I encounter the book from numberlees ones

I never ever read all during my life reminds me of excitment feeling 

when I encountered something unknown in my childhood.

This novel is just one of the works.


A technique that concluision of the four-part organization of narrative comes

in the beginning of the story is interesting as reading.

It has a big impact on readers who have never read novel written about Nobunaga.

A custom and a life style about the court ladies in the service of the Imperial Court

centered upon Kajyuji Haruko virtually the wife of Imperial Prince Sanehito 

are written in interesting.

A story of Iga ninja is very intresting as well.

It was my first time to read Abe Ryutaro's work.

Apart from if all the stories were based on histrical fact or not,

overall, it's a novel that doesn't let the reader get tired and that want to read ahead. 

I especially like his enchanting style.

Though the story of the romance between Nobunaga and Haruko is a fiction,

it's all right because it's the novel anyway.

A forbidden love gives especially female readers palpitation.

Lastly, I'm writing down a line that remains in my heart. 

"We should cry. Tears can be tender companion to snap out of depths of  despair

for someone who has to live with overpowering agony."

I'm going to introduce "Nobunaga Moyu(vol. 2)" next time.

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