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2013.11.25 (Mon)

A local dish of Aichi "Misonikomi Udon"

Today, I made "Misonikomiudon" which is a local dish of my home town Aichi.

I bought noodles with miso packed in a bag on the market

and cooked with some stock of ingredients, though^o^

The miso is "Haccho-miso" made in Okazaki-shi, where has been set for

NHK's morning drama series "Junjokirari" Miyazaki Aoi played the lead in 2006.

 (Well, it doesn't look yummy(+_+) The taste was good, though♡)

I suppose you can find noodle with miso packed in a bag at a large supermarket.

I'll write down a recipe for soup just in case you cannot find any.

A portion for one person
Red miso(Haccho-miso is better if available)…2tablespoonful
White miso(Mix miso is also fine)…1tablespoonful

I used orthodox ingredients this time.
  • Chicken dark meat
  • White scallion
  • Shiitake mushrooms
  • Deep-fried bean curd
  • egg

You can also use any other vegetables and mushroom you prefer.

I also recommend putting kimchi or grated yam for changing a taste.

You can enjoy it hot until the last by using an earthenware pot if available.

Enjoy your meal with ground red pepper admiring autumn leaves(^o^)


"Houtou" I introduced in Oniheihankacho Recipe the other day

is also a local dish of Yamanashi Prefecture.

I think I'll make this started opening the recipe of local dishes.

I have some other ideas I make foods which appear in my favorite books

"Miotsukushiryoricho" or "Kinounanitabeta?" and open those recipe.

(I like books and dramas that appear many foods looked yummy 'cause I'm a pig.)

So, come over again to see them(^^)/

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